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Gogol Bordello, Elijah Wood After Party

Officially a Globalize group

Gogol Bordello-Elijah wood After Party
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Gogol Bordello, Elijah wood
This Community is just made up of News, Picture posting, and tour updates, film updates, Random writings, and fan encounters. I made it for people who like Gogol Bordello, Elijah Wood. I would like to keep my Community in a very Neutral way,feel free to request to join.


The rules of this community are clear:
1)Respect everyone on here, no matter what their views are
2)News, Icon, Sighting, fan encounter, pictures, tour, art work-stories, drawings ect-History/background imformation posting only
3)No private photos post
4)Lj Lock everything
5)Have fun

Note: As nice as I was on the old community there is something new to this one, if your request get denied, sorry, I may have reason to why you may not join: for example, If you haven't update you journal/Post in it, or post comments on the old community, it leads me to suspect you might have other intentions, as nuetral as I am, I however do not like trolls. Like many other people on Live journal.You have to give me a reason to why you'd like to join by commenting on the friends only.Thank you

This is a Memebers only community,
If you wish not to join, leave this community
Officially a Globalize group, AFTER PARTY!